Children's Yoga

I wonder how my childhood development would have differed, had I learned yogic gems of wisdom earlier on my path. Would I have more healthfully practiced self-awareness and body-acceptance? Would I have had greater love and compassion for myself and others? Would I have been stronger in acts of mindfulness, regulation and empowerment, as I navigated the inevitable tumultuousness of growing up?  On my path, yoga has been a driving force towards self-appreciation and actualization; and I am ever-grateful for the difference it's made in my life. Yoga is magic that touches lives, no matter how young or old, big or small. Yet I believe nourishing a seed from the very beginning creates opportunity for someone to flourish. And so I am eager to share this light with our younger generation, in hopes of making lasting impact for these children as individuals and our world at-large.

I believe positive, explorative and mindful interactions with children make an enormous impact in a child's perception of themselves as well as their relationship to others. In a supportive community, children have the space to safely express themselves.  In yoga, we slow down together, bring attention to how our bodies ‘feel’ with lots of creative, playful ways to move, and develop awareness of our body’s messages. We learn how to find ease in physical, mental and emotional challenges. We discover how to connect with others in a non-competitive and uplifting way. We see and celebrate our strengths first. I've seen first-hand how yoga helps children utilize their ‘buzzing’ energy effectively and healthfully. Yoga teaches children to practice stillness in small doses to re-center, make good decisions and take care of themselves and others. No matter your age, yoga is beneficial for every person, from every walk of life.

Being a yoga teacher for children is one of the greatest gifts. They guide me with their presence, sentience and self-confidence. I learn to be a better human because of them. A children's yoga class is a collaborative process: I learn as much from them as they do me. Together we become healthier, happier and more wholesome. 


Join me for a Children's Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga for Young Warriors Training @ The River Yoga Studio Includes:

  • Philosophy and benefits of kid yoga
  • General framework for instruction: poses, breath work, games, and music
  • Yoga format instruction for specific classes: Tot, Pre-K, Kid,Tween and Family Yoga
  • Meditation and stillness for children
  • Overview of Adaptive Yoga for Children
  • Classroom management techniques
  • Business of Kid Yoga
  • All trainees will receive a detailed manual filled with tips, tricks, and helpful resources
  • Trainees will observe numerous kid yoga classes to enhance their learning and build practical skills from real-life experience

“I have had the honor and delight of being a part of Samy’s yoga journey from the beginning of her teaching path and watching her grow exponentially with her gift. From adaptive yoga, kids, yoga, to adult yoga, Samy knows how to make yoga for everybody and every BODY. Her ever positive energy and light, creativity, and passion for yoga makes it a beautiful experience for any student that takes her class. Her genuine smile and bubbly attitude makes me feel so welcome and motivates me to keep coming to her classes and workshops. She exhibits such a graceful strength and encourages others to find the beauty within themselves. I am a better teacher and yogi because of her experience and practice. She is truly a remarkable human being and a talented yogi.” - Cathy T.
“Samy is the teacher that made me fall in love with yoga! I strive to attend her class at least once a week, they are healing. She is very in tune and her wisdom and guidance always lead me in a positive direction. Her classes leave me feeling refreshed, balanced, calm and happy, not to mention, you can always count on great music to accompany an already wonderful class. I also partook in the Young Warrior Teacher Training with Samy, her playfulness and imaginative and creative mind is inspiring and she is absolutely incredible with children. I carry a lot of what I’ve learned from Samy both in yoga classes and from YWTT into my daily life. To sum it up… Samy is the bee’s knees.” - Noga V.