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Yoga, health, and wellness are accessible for everyone. If timing, location, group setting or anything else is holding you back from rolling out your mat, a private yoga session together may be the magic you're seeking! Having individualized attention develops an special dynamic with constructive communication, helping to create a lasting impact in your personal practice. A worthwhile investment, private yoga sessions cater to the needs in YOUR body where it is, with visions and goals you have for your future self (i.e. flexibility, strength, balance, relaxation).  The benefits of yoga are endless and so is your ability to achieve them! My hope is that with every opportunity I teach, I leave students feeling enlivened, empowered, successful, and whole.  I am passionate about educating, but also learning alongside each individual's body with what works best for them. Every session will be different, as we work collaboratively and carefully to specialize and construct each session. 

I work with small groups (i.e. bachelorette parties, children's birthday parties, company retreats) and teach specialized events (i.e. conferences, festivals, expos) with a myriad of trainings that make me marketable to a wide-range of people.

I think something that sets me uniquely apart, is that I am trained in so many modalities of yoga and movement "branches". This enhances my ability to infuse intelligence of the body, creativity of form and accessibility of movement to different types of people seeking yoga, wellness and happiness in their lives.  I've received certification and experience in the following:  

Yoga gives us the tools to find balance, ease, and joy in our everyday lives. It is my hope to help each of my students discover these tools that already lie within each of us. 

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“Samy strikes the perfect balance between encouraging and caring, yet isn’t afraid to push you to your limits mentally and physically. Her energy and humor are contagious, and her years of experience clearly show through her excellent instruction. Throughout class, Samy expertly demonstrates proper form, gently helps to modify our posture, and reminding us to focus on our breath to dig deep and find strength. She is incredibly friendly, easy to get along with, and obviously passionate about helping others through yoga. There are a lot of great yoga teachers out there, but there’s only one Samy Mattei.” - Ryan G.
“I see Samy Mattei as a mentor, teacher, and local ambassador of health and wellness. I first met Samy a few years ago, during an extremely transitional period in my life. I did not know it then, but she would support me on a journey of self-discovery that helped me to gain the strength to overcome my personal insecurities, build resilience and develop humility. I’d never formally asked Samy for her help- rather, she recognized my need by intuition alone, and without hesitation she offered a supportive hand, free of judgement or fear. Acts of compassion like this are not out of the ordinary for Samy; it reflects something central to her character, a selflessness that shines brightest when she connects with those in need- even if they do not know how to ask for help.

Samy’s yoga teachings are not only physically and mentally challenging, but specifically tailored to her student’s subconscious needs. While instructing and cueing, Samy does something unusual- she takes the time to observe and listen to her students, and then she responds reactively: sometimes with a challenge, sometimes with a focus on simplicity, or sometimes by asking for deeper introspection. Her classes have a way of flowing like a river, with movement and breathing following a rhythm of ebbing and flowing, ultimately compelling our awareness to a place of wholeness and acceptance. My favorite part of Samy’s practice is how she seamlessly integrates the stable and familiar with the challenging and unfamiliar, bridging fortitude and confidence with growth and change. I find resilience and humility in Samy’s instruction, and the lessons that she has helped me to discover for myself will forever leave an imprint on my life.” Ryan P.