Adaptive Yoga

Everyone - from every path of life- has to adapt their yoga practice. Whether we can see our special needs on the outside or not, doesn't make a difference. What makes the difference is recognizing we all are on a path of healing, self-awareness and connection. I am deeply dedicated to fostering an environment of healthful expression, exploration and discovery of mind-body consciousness. And I truly believe the motto: Yoga is for everyBODY

I've worked with individuals with disabilities for over a decade. When I discovered adaptive yoga, I felt something in my soul stir. It brought together two of my greatest passions, in an unbelievably powerful way. Adaptive yoga introduces people living with a disability to the mind-body benefits of yoga, practiced in the very traditional sense of the word.  When I teach adaptive yoga, I aim to help people re-discover their sense of "wellness" with the same foundational principles, techniques and experiences as in a traditional yogic setting.

Being an adaptive-yoga 'pioneer' is incredibly exciting and inspiring. I am humbled over and over by the people that show up on their mats, no matter their story. Together we build strength, flexibility and mobility  in our bodies, sure... but there's something much bigger that happens too. In these classes, we deliberately expand our relationship to our body, empower ourselves to choose what is best for us in any given moment, and graciously navigate acceptance of the bodies we've been gifted. In a compassionate and patient way, we develop a sense of how our body influences our mind and the other way around.  Whether on an individual basis or a communal one, I've bared witness to adaptive yoga's transformative and convalescent powers. I've worked with students with paralysis, amputation, head/spinal chord injury, arthritis, neuromuscular disorders, accidents, trauma... to me, it doesn't matter how a person comes in, yet it absolutely matters how they go out into the world once they've rolled up their mats. 

*Please note, I always recommend checking with your healthcare professional to ensure adaptive yoga is a safe practice for your body. Yoga does not cure disabilities, illnesses, injuries. It does, however, provide tools for you to be present in mind-body connection and resources to seek support internally and from others.


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Adaptive Student Testimonial 1

"I have done adaptive yoga classes with Samy for a number of years now. In addition to her wide range of abilities no matter the time or date, she brings constant caring / full heart and professionalism into anything she does. Whether it's the practice of being mindful or a theme for the day  for others to consider. she genuinely cares about the world around her, and the people she interacts with. It has been a joy and a truly wonderful learning experience to work with Samy." - Adam T.

Adaptive Student Testimonial 2 

"I am an adaptive yoga student and teacher. I am in a wheelchair permanently. Samy's been my teacher for 5 years and I feel that she is an extraordinary teacher. She is in-tune to body language, very aware of alignment, and always safety-conscious. As a disabled person, I look for certain attributes in a teacher. She is very knowledgeable, creative, and challenges me in new ways that I never thought I'd experience. She has been a very big part of my growth as both a student and a teacher." - Tom H.

Mind-body integration is not simply a personal health strategy. It is a practical shift in the consciousness that can change the world.
— Matthew Sanford, Founder Mind Body Solutions