Hi, I'm Samy Mattei

A Soul StirrIng, Love Spreading, Smile Setting,

Dance-Party Starting Yogini.

In 2013 - shy of a decade of experience with yoga - I began my teaching journey. I completed my first 200hr Holistic Interdisciplinary Yoga Training, gaining tremendous insight and appreciation for the history, depth and transformative power of yoga. A year later, I dove into a 200hr Power Vinyasa Training, learning to define my voice, creativity and vision as a teacher. I received a 500hr Advanced Teacher Training certification in early 2017 and am more deeply immersed, and more fervently committed to offering yoga to this community and to YOU! The diversity of each training helped me layer and deepen my practice both on and off the mat - as a teacher, student and all-around human being. I teach from a belief that our goals are attainable with the right guidance, inspiration and commitment… including a supportive teacher, mindfulness to an individual's specific needs and a community of people that encourage us to reach for the best version of ourselves.

I am an energy magnet and true people-lover who creatively facilitates classes, communicates with fun-filled energy and establishes and sustains relationships with students. I want to make you feel at-ease, open and at-hOMe both in your body and with one another. I am deeply committed to the mission: “Yoga for everyBODY.”  I founded an Adaptive Yoga Program after completing the Mind Body Solutions Training (2013). I received my Young Warriors Kids Yoga Training (2014) and completed Every Kids Yoga for Special Needs (2016). With each new layer of education, I'm amazed at yoga’s ability to infuse and transform no matter a person's differences. I went on to combine the love for these two special populations, launching an Inclusive Children's Yoga Class (2017) for children with special needs. I lead Yoga Alliance-based Adaptive "Yoga for EveryBody" Continuing Education Courses. I am also certified in Yoga Sculpt, Restorative/Gentle Yoga, Spin/Cycling and HIIT (*phew!).  I soak up everything I can possibly learn about the human body and our potential to be healthy and happy through movement, meditation and beyond. I'm truly invested in making yoga accessible and enjoyable for anyone from any walk of life. And so I continuously remain open to all there is still to soak-in as a student, as much as a teacher. 

In my classes, I foster an environment that welcomes any and all levels of ability, promotes mind-body connection and encourages people to re-discover their personal definition of wellness. Yoga is unparalleled in its ability to positively affect lives, and so I take my teaching around the Denver community and beyond for a wide-array of groups, ages, ability-levels, genders, treatment centers, special events, trainings, retreats and populations. And if I'm not teaching or practicing yoga, I loves spending time in nature, journaling, traveling, dancing and connecting with loved-ones.

What people are saying about SAMY...

I always seek out Samy’s classes. She is one of my absolute favorite teachers. Her energy is the perfect combination of electric and grounding, and her dharma always speaks directly to my heart. Her guidance through vinyasa and her corrective touch allow me to fully be in the moment and feel my body, leaving my busy thoughts behind. She’ll often integrate a touch of humor to remind you to not take yourself, and life, so seriously (#mouthyoga). Samy is a badass human, and I appreciate her as a strong and loving woman that I very much look up to and am grateful to know!
— Bre W.
Sam’s style of teaching is refreshing and never fails to have a sincere message, in which she shares much of herself. She has this incredibly vibrant presence that affects the energy in any room. Her yoga flows are unique, well-planned, and butt-kicking, with an invariably awesome playlist in the background. More importantly she has the ability to connect with her students, and reveals her deep love for the practice in how she pours herself into teaching and building relationships with her fellow yogis.
— Nina B.