Hey hOMies!


My name is Samy Mattei. I am a full-time yoga instructor with purpose to stir souls, spread love and evoke smiles, as I guide people towards personal and communal wellness. 

I walked into my first yoga class in 2005 intimidated, imbalanced and unsure of myself or my path. After rolling up my mat and returning into the world – sweaty, smiling and mystified - I knew I was a bit closer to the person I'm meant to be. That's the magic of yoga. It helps us discover ourselves and our purpose. I now know I'm here to bring connection to people - within themselves and with each other.  A hug and high-five enthusiast, I organically connect with others to make people feel at hOMe in their bodies and ways of being. I'm passionate about sharing this magic, committed to the practice of yoga, and am currently teaching to the beautiful Denver, CO #cOMmUNITY.

Yoga has been an influential catalyst in my life. Through its practice, I am clearly able to see, understand and love myself. I am able to confidently answer, "What are you put on this earth to do?" And now my mission is to help YOU find YOUR wonderful, weird, one-of-a-kind self through the transformational power of yoga too. I first-handedly know yoga has the ability to bring out the best in people, changing us in inexplicable ways. Yoga can deeply affect every individual, everyBODY and every community.  Through my work, I hope to help you find what you're deeply seeking, share love and light, and spread smiles wherever we go along this beautiful journey. 




"Yoga is an extremely personal practice: an experience to go inside, to move, to breathe and be aware of our own center. There is an incredible trust necessary with the one leading you in this journey. Your yoga teacher must be someone you trust, depend on, respect, believe in, and sense calmness amidst your own chaos. Samy is an incredible soul, her energy so real and her words full of wisdom. You can tell her classes are thoughtfully crafted with love and mindfulness; her dedication and passion towards the practice and people who attend her classes is truly admirable. Simply a blessing! Simply grateful!" - Vikas A.


"A yoga experience with Samy Mattei is truly unforgettable. She has an amazing heart that shines so bright in her teaching style.  Her care and concern for every person sometimes makes you feel like you're the only one in the room, but her astounding generosity for community makes it feel like the most transcendent party in the universe.  She has an amazing way of making the class flow where you lose yourself and can truly ground in the dharma that she brings to mind.  No class is ever the same. When I think of Samy’s classes I think energy, flow and hugs!" - Jes K.